How to Update an Acura MDX Navigation System for Free with a Download

how to update acura mdx navigation system for free

Have ever felt the frustration of planning a trip to a new destination, only to realize that your in-built GPS maps are out of date? It’s happened to me in my own Acura, and I will never forget that day I got stuck in Dallas with no idea where I was going.

I swore it would never happen again, so I did some research to see if you can update an Acura MDX navigation system for free. I don’t advocate piracy or copyright theft, so wasn’t looking for a hack, but was instead looking for a free promotion on the DVD.

After all, not having to spend money on map updates is a good thing, right? Of course it is!

What I discovered was that, yes, there are downloads you can find online where you can get a hacked version of the map disc and then make a copy of it, but… I wasn’t able to find anyone online who had actually got it to work successfully.

But what I did find was this: Click for Acura navigation system updates.

Can you get Acura MDX navigation updates for free download?

So, here’s where it gets interesting.

There are loads of forums where users are searching for hacked and torrent versions where they can get a free copy of the disk without having to pay any money.

If you do download a free map update disk copy you will then need to burn it to DVD. You will need a DVD re-writer.

Once you do that, you then need to get an Acura navigation code.

acura mdx navigation update download
You will need your own unique serial number and passcode when installing the new maps.

This is where the whole process falls over, as the codes are only to be used once, and are like a serial number that is specific to the original owner of the Acura navigation DVD.

That means, even if you do end up downloading a free copy of the disk, you then need to get a unique serial number or registration code – call it what you will.

And here’s the thing.

Nobody is going to give you their one, are they?

So, you end up in a situation where you’ve spent an hour finding a download or torrent website. Then have to wait for the installation files to download (they are HUGE!), then have to get a DVD, write the software to the disk… and then… need to get a unique serial number.

You will never find one!

The risks of an Acura MDX navigation update download

And let’s just say that you to decide to insert your copied pirate version of the Acura navigation update into your MDX, you are then entering into a whole new world of pain.

I’ve read reports online where people had done this and ended up completely destroying their navigation system due to bugs that had been placed into the downloadable software by the torrent websites.

It meant that the warranty on their Acura navigation system was completely invalidated, and they could no longer use it!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I also read that a lot of the torrent website which let you get a free Acura MDX navigation update download place Trojan Horse files into the download.

By that I mean viruses.

So, not only had they wasted a whole load of time and energy, they had also potentially ruined their GPS system, and now had viruses loaded onto their computer!

Buy official maps and don’t take the risk

To conclude, I ended up buying an entirely new Acura MDX navigation update DVD directly from the HERE website.

I didn’t end up finding out how to update an Acura MDX navigation system for free, but what I did find out was that it is a complete waste of time trying.

  • You won’t be able to get it work.
  • You could screw up your computer.
  • You could even damage and invalidate your GPS system.

However, I do have some VERY GOOD NEWS.

When I updated, I managed to get a really good deal from the online retailer. It wasn’t free completely but was massively reduced compared to what they normally charge, meaning I get a very low price.

To see the low-price deal I got, click this link.


To conclude on this matter; the discs cannot be shared, and if you try it you could damage your GPS and void your Acura warranty. When you buy the new MDX navigation updates, you have to submit your VIN (vehicle identification number), Device ID, and database version online.

You are then given a unique passcode to enter into your system to start the map update process. This then takes around 30 minutes to install. You can’t do this with a free download copy obviously.

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