How to Disable the Tire Pressure Sensor Ford F250 (or Reset & Bypass the Fault)

How to Disable Tire Pressure Sensor Ford F250

Before you read any further, please be aware that it is illegal to disable the tire pressure sensor (TPMS) on a Ford F250, or any other vehicle for that matter. Do not ask a mechanic to show you how to disable the tire pressure sensor on your Ford F250, because you will be asking them to break the law.

If you disable it yourself, or try to bypass it, and you have an accident where the liability can be seen to result from you disabling your F250’s TPMS, not only could it invalidate your insurance, but also lead to jail time depending on the circumstances.

However, it is not illegal to reset the tire pressure sensor on a Ford F250, and you will possibly need to do this at some point in time.

How to disable the tire pressure sensor on a Ford F250? You can disable (e.g., reset) the tire pressure sensor on a Ford F250 by driving 50 mph for 10 minutes, then turning the engine off and starting again. Warning: it is illegal to disable a TPMS on a Ford or any other vehicle.

You could also reset the tire pressure sensor on a Ford F250 by finding the TPMS reset button which is typically below the steering wheel. You press it down until the tire pressure sensor light blinks 3 times, release it, then start the F250 up again.

Other F250’s tire pressure sensor lights can reset (but not disable) by clicking the hazard warning light 3 times.

An additional method of resetting a Ford F250 TPMS is to inflate all tires to 3 PSI over the suggested PSI. Then let the air out of all of them completely, then re-inflate back to the recommended PSI – this can sometimes stop the tire pressure sensor light from flashing.

Finally, another way to reset or temporarily disable the tire pressure sensor on a Ford F250 is to disconnect the positive battery cable. You then turn the ignition on again and press the horn for 3 to 4 seconds, then reconnect the battery up again.

The Jim Hudson Ford dealership explains that this should reset power stored in the F250 meaning the TPMS light then goes off.

Those are the best ways for how you bypass the tire pressure sensor on a Ford.

But of course, the simplest solution would be to get the tire pressure correct in all four tires!

Why you would want to know how to disable the tire pressure sensor on a Ford F250 could be for several reasons though.

But rather than trying to find out how to turn off the TPMS light permanently, please read on instead. Below I explain how it could be a fault with the TPMS that makes you want to disable it – fix the fault, then you won’t need to disable the tire pressure sensor.

reset the tire pressure sensor
You can reset the tire pressure sensor light on a Ford F250 dashboard

Why your Ford F250’s tire pressure fault light keeps coming on

What does the tire pressure sensor fault mean on a F250, and why does that annoying light keep coming on, making you want to disable or reset it? Well, there are several reasons, which you should be able to fix, rather than disable.

1. Connection to the sensor

Your F250’s tires all have a built-in tire pressure sensor and battery. They transmit data over a frequency to the computer of the truck, wirelessly per tire.

It could be that one has malfunctioned, so the wheel will have to come off the rim for the sensors to be swapped out.

You can buy new tire pressure sensors on Amazon.

2. Dead batteries in the sensor

Over time it’s possible that the batteries in one of your Ford F250’s tire pressure sensors have died. Each wheel has a built-in battery. Over time they can go dead but are in sealed units so will need replacing.

3. Tires have been rotated

This will often catch people out. Due to the way in which each tire has its own internal pressure sensor, when you rotate tires, the sensor rotates with them.

Why is this important?

Well, if your F250’s TPMS is saying it’s your front left tire with low pressure, but you know it’s fully inflated, it might be because you’ve rotated the tires clockwise.

In other words, it’s your front right tire that has low pressure.

So, make that check before you decide you want to disable tire pressure sensor warning lights in the Ford F250.

4. You had new tires fitted

The TPMS light could also be flashing if you get new tires without the sensors built-in. This can also cause the sensor light to flash in the F250.

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One hack you can try to turn the F250 TPMS off

Aside from the tips above on resetting (temporarily disabling) your tire pressure sensor in the Ford F250, there is this hack I found on YouTube.

It’s a video showing how to turn off the sensor light without taking the lightbulb out.

But of course, the better option is to put the new sensors in the tires and have them calibrated.

How to reset tire pressure sensor 2014 Ford F250

Great video below, which should also help you to reset the tire pressure sensor on a 2018 Ford F250 as well as the 2014 model.

Do not disable your Ford F250 tire pressure sensor

Do I recommend you disable or reset the tire pressure sensor ford F250 though? No, I don’t, and there are many good reasons to not do this, outlined below.

The dangers of driving your Ford F250 with low tire pressure

Before you decide to go ahead and disable or reset the TPMS in your Ford F250, please be aware of the risks. Not only can low tire pressure in a truck shorten the life of your F250’s tires and reduce performance, but it could also cause the tire to completely fail.

Low tire pressure is the number one reason for blow-outs. As the air pressure in the tire goes down, the sides of the tire will start to flex, leading to a build-up of heat.

Once that heat gets to a certain point, the rubber will come away from the rest of the tire to cause a blow-out. Low pressure tires also puncture more easily.

If this happens at speed, you’re in trouble as you could lose control of your vehicle.

Low tire pressure means reduced fuel economy

As well as the dangers that can result from disabling your F250’s tire pressure sensor, it could also mean you spend more on fuel.

A tire with less pressure in it, is more resistant to rolling on the road meaning your F250 must work a lot harder to move. That means you will use more fuel.


The reason I wrote this guide was because I spoke to a guy who wanted to drop the pressure on his F250’s tires when it wasn’t loaded, but was getting annoyed by the TPMS sensor light going off.

As far as I am aware, there is no known solution to completely disable the tire pressure sensors on a Ford F250… and it’s also illegal.

So, reset the TPMS, but do not make attempts to disable it.

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