2022 Green DVD Map Update for Honda & Acura

green dvd map update

Every year, the HERE company (formerly known as Navteq) released new maps for a range of vehicle brands including Acura and Honda. Once of the more common map upgrade discs is the 2022Green DVD map update. If this is what you’re looking for and you want the best possible price, click the link below.

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Can you get the Green DVD map update as a free download?

Unfortunately, HERE are not running any free promotions on the new disc. However, there are some very timely price drops happening from time to time which you can access. The link above contains the very latest deals.

I don’t recommend you attempt to download a free version of the disc. The risks are as follows:

  1. You could infect your PC with a virus or Trojan horse file from a torrent website.
  2. You could damage your navigation system and invalidate your vehicle warranty.

Even if you did successfully download a disc and spend the time burning it to a new DVD, it still won’t work. All map update installs require a unique activation code which only genuine buyers can get from HERE (formerly known as Navteq).

Why buy the 2022 Green DVD map update? 

The most obvious reason is so you have the most up to date directions on your Honda or Acura’s in-dashboard navigation system. By having new addresses and road, it means you should save time travelling and money on gas.

If you do decide to buy, here’s what you get:

  1. 2022 Green Map Update DVD.
  2. DVD Map Updates for those with Database IT005.04.01,IT004.03.01, IT003.02.01, 01.04 and IT001.00.05.

But there’s also another reason to buy the new Acura or Honda Green DVD map update; the environment!

Sound odd? Bear with me as once I’ve explained it, it will make a lot of sense. 

In simple terms, GPS and satellite navigation devices are used by millions of car journeys the world over to help them effectively route to their destinations both on time and also safely.

By simply installing new maps on an Acura or Honda GPS unit you can make this process even more efficient and in-turn even save on gas bills and also CO2 emissions coming from your vehicle.

Recent scientific research was conducted to confirm this – and an overview is shown below which tells you how you can achieve this.

< Get the lowest price on the Green DVD map update >

About the research 

The study was done by the US Department of Transportation (view website) who studied driving habits of average North American drivers.  They discovered that the average yearly numbers broke down as follows (which was based upon research conducted throughout the whole of 2011).

The average United States driver has an annual gas price per gallon of around three and half US Dollars. They also drive an average annual mileage of just under fifteen and a half thousand miles (which includes both inner city driving and straight road highway styles), plus their average engine size in their vehicle is around two and half liters.

Because of this the Department of Transport was able to calculate that by using accurate GPS maps the drivers could make financial savings over the year. The projected savings were five hours of actual time spent driving behind the wheel, over one hundred and thirty gallons of fuel – which ended up equating to more than four hundred and fifty dollars’ worth of money spent. When you then look at CO2 emissions this works out at just less than one thousand kilograms reduced for each driver every year.

The question is why?

Well, it’s simply because if a driver has the latest maps on their GPS then it will know about any changes to roads. As a result, navigation will be quicker and smoother, and the device will be able to route the driver a lot more economically and efficiently than when the maps are out-dated.

In addition to that, the more modern GPS products even include real-time traffic alerts which route the driver away from traffic jams. With traffic hold-ups being the one place where the most fuel is used, this allows for further savings on money – and also helps the environment with toxic car exhaust emissions.

Still not convinced? 

Many of the new cars that have come of the production lines over the last five years have come with in-built dashboard navigation systems which mean car drivers don’t need to spend money on a standalone GPS device such as a Garmin or TomTom.

Whilst this will save the driver some money in the short-term, many people do question the true value of this optional extra – because (as with all GPS units) you need to purchase map updates every year in order for the system to be completely up to date with any road changes that happen in the United States on an annual basis.

The primary reason drivers need navigation system updates is because the actual GPS maps are stored into the dashboard console.  This means that over time the maps will not be up to date because – as you will have noticed – roads change all the time and new ones are always being built.

What that means is that Acura and Honda release new maps updates once a year. It’s a shame that you cannot download them, instead you need to buy a new Green map update DVD and then install them off that straight into the dashboard.

Having said that’s it’s pretty easy and you should be able to get up and running with updates within an hour at that least.

Some additional tips I have picked up when doing this myself is that you should never turn the GPS off whilst updating as this will mean you need to start all over again – also, and most importantly – never lose the serial number that comes on the case when your DVD arrives, because without this you can’t install the new disc.

There’s loads more information about this on a blog post I wrote about Honda navigation updates. It explains how you can update with new maps even if your system is faulty with instructions on how to do a reset.

It also includes more detailed information on how much an Acura GPS update can save you in terms of money on fuel bills and CO2 emissions – great news for people that are on a budget or who simply want to do their bit for the planet.


Truckomize is my independent blog where I look to find drivers the best deals so that they can update their GPS with the new Green DVD map updates.

Those reasons I’ve listed should be enough to encourage you to buy the new Green DVD map updates on disc. Before you buy, try and weigh up the retail price with the amount of fuel you might save over a year – simply by knowing that you won’t end up getting lost and needing to re-route yourself – and as a result adding unnecessary mileage onto your gas bills.

A GPS will help you to do that which is why it is always prudent to make sure your Honda or Acura’s dashboard navigation is as up to date as is possible.

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