Where is the Fuel Pump Control Module Located?

Fuel pump module location

The fuel pump driver (or control) module is one of those parts most likely to fail in modern engines that rely on computers to function. I’ve listed some of the common fuel pump control module failures lower down the page, but if you want to know the fuel pump module location, here’s the short answer first. Year and model specifics follow that. 

Where is the fuel pump control module located? The fuel pump control module location is on or near the fuel pump on older vehicles. In others it might be under a seat or on frame near the spare tire.

Fuel pump control module locations by manufacturers & models

The location of the fuel pump control module can differ wildly from vehicle to vehicle. For example, on a 2013 Ford F150, the fuel pump driver module is on a frame rail next the fuel tank. That’s in contrast to a 2009 Chevy it’s above the spare tire.

Here’s a list of different vehicles and fuel pump module locations as examples. If you don’t see your vehicle listed, this should at least get you an indication of the possible locations.

  • 2004 Ford e250 van – inside the fuel tank.
  • 2005 Jaguar XJ8 – inside the rear electronics control module.
  • 2008 Chevy Silverado – in the gas tank.
  • 2008 Chevy Traverse – near the left of the D-pillar.
  • 2011 Ford F350 – on the frame rail drivers side right under the door.
  • 2012 VW Touareg – on top of the right side of the fuel tank.
  • 2013 Ford F150 – on the frame rail at the back of the vehicle next to the fuel tank.
  • 2016 Ford Fiesta ST – underneath the rear cushion seat that you sit on.
  • 2018 Audi SQ7 – Under the carpet under the right rear passenger seat.

Related questions

Now you know where the possible locations are for your fuel pump driver module, here are some other things I’d recommend you also check quickly before you do anything else.

What is a fuel pump control module?

Sometimes referred to as fuel pump driver module on a Ford F150, or shortened to FPDM, the fuel pump control module is a gadget that controls your high-pressure fuel pumps. It does this by controlling the voltage delivered to the pump, and therefore how much fuel pressure is applied.

By doing so, the fuel pump control module can deliver fuel to the engine of your truck in the most optimum method.

As already explained, the fuel pump control module location will typically be near to the fuel pump, or even on the fuel pump.  

What causes a fuel pump module to go bad? 

There can be many reasons why you need to find the location of your fuel pump module.  Some of the more common issues that lead to a fuel pump control module failure include:

  • Rough idling or idling up and down (learn more).
  • Jerking or hesitation when accelerating (learn more).
  • Loss of power whilst driving.
  • Truck does not start when ignition is turned.
  • Engine performance noticeably poor including stalling.
  • Smoke from the engine when starting up.
  • Power surges when in reverse.
  • Corrosion due to debris.
  • Overheating due to the fuel pump control module location on older models.
  • Road vibrations.

How do you test a fuel pump control module?

You can diagnose a fault with a fuel pump control module by using a handheld scanner. Mechanics can use this to show a diagnostic fault number / error code.

There is a more complex method which is outlined in this video below.

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