What Are the Aux Switches on an F250 Used For?

what do F250 aux switches do

Ford F250 will have aux switches, with the Auxiliary Upfitter Switch Panel being a must-have accessory as it lets you install different accessories into your truck. But in simple terms, what do aux switches do in an F250? Here’s the short answer followed by some detailed info and videos.

What are the aux switches on F250 used for? Ford F250 aux switches are pre-wired for your convenience and let you connect different accessories to your truck. This could be things like aftermarket lighting, backup camera, on-board air compressor and so on.

Because Ford have already wired up the aux switches in the F250, it means you up install accessories to make them look neat and tidy. The upfitter switches will make your life a lot simpler if you want to add items like LED lighting (check these recommendations out).

What else do aux switches do in an F250?

Some Ford F250 aux switches can be used to switch on and off other auxiliary components. For example, some units let you play music from the stereo system while driving. Other inputs allow you to use two speakers with your factory radio. With several inputs, you can also listen to different audio sources. 

This video below shows how they can be used, with examples lower down the page how to use aux switches in a Ford F250.

Ford aux switch uses and examples

Here are some ways in which Ford F250 aux switches (upfitter switches) have been used by other drivers who wanted to accessorize their ride.

  • On board air compressor for an air ride fifth wheel hitch
  • Power for the pump on a 25-gallon transfer tank
  • aftermarket observation camera for the fifth wheel
  • Aftermarket LED lighting
  • GPS system 
  • High idle
  • Bed camera
  • Rear power ports for winch
  • Siren
  • Front light bar
  • Dash cam
  • LED driving lights on the grille
  • Clearance lights on running boards
  • Trailer back-up camera
  • Fuel pump for external tank
  • Air horn
  • CB radio
  • Radar detector 
  • Backup alarm


The aux power outlet found on Ford F250’s can also charge other devices using a parallel connection. It includes items like your smartphone, laptop, portable stereo device, or even another vehicle’s electrical system.

The ability of your truck to connect to the cigarette lighter outlet on most vehicles allows you to use the portable stereo device or charge the device while you drive. 

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