How Much Does a Ford F650 Weigh? 15 Examples of Curb Weights

How Much Does a Ford F650 Weigh

If you own a Ford F650, the weight is an important consideration for many different reasons. For example, by knowing the curb weight, you can help to make sure that you don’t exceed the GVWR rating by overloading the vehicle.

I personally don’t own a Ford F650, but a couple of visitors to the Truck Styler website did recently leave comments asking if I could put together a guide, based on previous weight guides I have written on the other models.

So, how much does a Ford F650 weigh?

What I’ve done below is research all the specifications I can find online to look up the various years and models available, listing below a few examples where I can find the Ford F650 weights as listed.

I am using the curb weight measurements here, as that tells you what the vehicle weighed when it was first manufactured, with no modifications, customization, add-ons, or load added.

  • 2001 F650 Super Duty Base Reg Cab XL– 8,706 pounds
  • 2002 F650 Super Duty – 9,055 pounds
  • 2002 F650 Regular Cab– 8,706 pounds
  • 2002 F650 SuperCab– 8,934 pounds
  • 2002 F650 CrewCab– 9,055 pounds
  • 2003 F650 Overbilt Extended Crew Cab– 9,000 pounds
  • 2003 F650 Regular Cab– 8,706 pounds
  • 2006 F650 Super Duty Straight Frame– 8,446 pounds
  • 2006 F650 Super Duty Pro Loader– 8,078 pounds
  • 2007 F650 Super Duty Pro Loader– 8,413 pounds
  • 2012 F650 Super Duty Crew Cab Chassis XLT– 15,400 pounds
  • 2015 F650 Super Duty Straight Frame XL & XLT – 10,002 pounds
  • 2016 F650 Super Duty Pro Loader Gas– 9,230 pounds
  • 2017 F650 Pro Loader Diesel– 11,628 pounds
  • 2017 F650 Pro Loader Gas– 9,257 pounds

What is Curb Weight?

There are many different terms using when talking about truck weights including GVWR, GCWR, payload capacity, towing capacity, and curb weight.

The curb weight of a Ford F650 will be how much the truck weighs when it’s idle, with no driver, no passengers, no baggage, no modifications, no load, and no trailer.

But it does include a tank of fuel and all the necessary operating fluids such as coolants and oils. You can read more about what curb weight means here.

Why the Curb Weight of Your Ford F650 is Important

The reason why it’s so important is that it has an impact on how much you can carry, what you can load onto the truck as the payload, and what you can tow.

In most cases you should be able to consult the user manual of your truck to find the curb weight, or it might be on a blue sticker inside on the driver’s side.

If you know your curb weight, you can subtract that from the GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating). By doing so, you will then know what the maximum payload capacity of your Ford F650 is, if you can’t find it stated anywhere else.

About the Ford F650

These medium-duty trucks were first released in the year 2000, and are used primarily for towing, construction, and box van purposes.

Popular with businesses and local government agencies, they were manufactured in Mexico up until 2014, when production moved to Avon Lake in Ohio.

You might also be interested in the Ford F650 Pickups manufacturer who build customized and modified versions which have become really popular since 2002.

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