How Much Weight Can a F350 Hold in the Bed and Carry?

how much weight can a f350 hold in bed

How much weight you can carry in a Ford F350 (both legally and safely) will very much depend on the model, year, and spec of your truck. It will be completely different for every single truck owner, especially those who might have a modified or customised F350.

Ford F350 Weight Capacity – 5 Examples

I have done some recent research on the Internet and found the various specs available online to give you some guidance and averages.

  • 2010 Ford F350 payload capacity – 4,110 pounds
  • 2011 Ford F350 payload capacity – 3,990 pounds
  • 2012 Ford F350 payload capacity – 6,410 pounds
  • 2013 Ford F350 payload capacity – 4,260 pounds
  • 2014 Ford F350 payload capacity – 6,520 pounds
  • 2015 Ford F350 payload capacity – 3,977 pounds 

If in doubt, call your dealer and ask them, or you might find your Ford F350 weight capacity on a sticker held inside the driver’s door somewhere so check that now.

But please don’t take those numbers as gospel and let me tell you why.

The truck you own could be a slight variation on the standard model. It could have had some modifications made, it could be a single rear axle version, or could be something completely different.

That’s why it’s so important that you do this research yourself to understand or calculate exactly how much your own Ford F350 can hold in the bed or carry.

Find out how you can do that below. 

Calculate How Much Weight an F350 Can Carry

If you want to calculate your Ford F350 payload weight yourself, which you should if you have a truck with modifications, then it’s actually very simple to do.

Here’s how you can determine and calculate Ford F350 weight capacity, so you don’t go over it and risk damaging your truck or having an accident if over the payload weight.

The first thing you should do is find that little blue stickers that can be found in the driver’s door opening. You will see a number in there listed as the GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating).

This is how much your truck with everything it and fully loaded in the bed should never exceed.

But how can this help you determine how much weight can a Ford F350 carry?

It’s pretty simple actually.

If you also know the weight of your Ford F350 when completely empty, then all you do is subtract the empty curb weight from the GVWR figure. What’s left over will be the payload and weight capacity for your particular truck. Once you have that you can determine what weight can be held and carried in the bed.

Now to find out what your truck weighed, you could look up specs online, or it might be listed on the internal sticker.

But where things can get vague is if it’s a used F350, or where you’ve might have made changes and modifications to it.

If you’ve done that, the truck’s weight is going to be very different to what’s listed, and therefore will have a knock-on effect on how much weight the F350 can hold in the bed.

It’s so important to know your weights.

Let me give you a real-world example using the following equation and calculation.

GVWR – Curb Weight = Truck Payload Capacity

Based on that let’s say your Ford F350 has a GVWR of 9,200 pounds. You will then get your truck weighed, and let’s say it comes out at 7,300 pounds.

You would subtract the curb weight of 7,300 pounds from the GVWR of 9,200 pounds giving you a payload weight capacity of 1,900 pounds.

You probably thought it would be more didn’t you?

But again, it’s completely down to the individual weights and ratings on your particular Ford F350 so don’t simply take numbers from the internet as your guide.

Do your own calculation!

Handy Hint: For a more comprehensive guide to calculating how much you can carry and hold in the bed, click here. It shows you a formula in a step by step process.

Watch this Video

You might also like this video that I found on YouTube where a Ford F350 owner tested what the real-world payload capacities are, with a heavy load placed into the bed. Watch the video now to see what he found out about weight capacity, and how much he managed to hold and carry in his truck’s bed.

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