11 Cool Things to Do to Your Truck for Free or Very Cheap

Cool Things to Do to Your Truck Free & Cheap

Let’s be honest, nothing in life is really free is it? And that’s especially true when it comes to trucks which can be constant money pits. Aftermarket accessories can be very expensive!

However, there are some cool things you can do for free or at very least on a small and cheap budget if you want to make your pickup look cooler.

You are obviously here as you want to save money, and the recommendations below will apply to most trucks.

I’ve tried to range a selection of accessories and gadgets that I have personally fitted to my Ford F150. All of the ideas here tend to range in price from a couple of dollars, and the most expensive still being cheap at just under fifty dollars.

I believe these are all cool things you can do to your truck for cheap or free as you might already own some of these items. Take a look and see what you think.

1. Remove the Badging & Decals

Many truck owners will completely remove the badging and decals from their truck. It can make the pickup look a lot cooler – in fact, I created a survey on whether or not truck owners think debadging is cool or not, and below are the results from all the votes.

Should I Debadge My Truck
The question was asked “Should I Debadge My Truck” and this is what 100 truck owners responded with.

If you want to know how to do it then here’s a guide to removing truck decals. Then I have some slightly different instructions for taking badges off safely.

2. USB Splitter & Charger

Many trucks will already come with a couple of USB ports as standard, but what really annoys me is when I have my in-dash navigation switched on, and I plug my iPhone in. When I do that, suddenly my navigation disappears, and I’ve got the screen taken up by my phone details and so on.

A way around that is to use a USB splitter which you can plug into your cigarette lighter.

That means you can plug your phone into charge and it won’t interfere with your dashboard display.

It’s a very cheap mod and you can pick them up for less than $15 dollars a lot of time. Here’s the USB splitter I recommend on Amazon.

3. Arm Rest Console Organizer

If like me your arm rest console is filled with paperwork, coins, cables, and food wrappers, then a change drawer and organizer that you can insert will create extra space and give you better storage.

Again, they are very cheap to buy, and should put an end to you trying to scrabble around to find things in the center console.

I have one already in my Ford F150, and use this organizer tray. The company who sells them range for all different truck brands including GM and Dodge.

4. Light Tint on the Windows

Window tinting is very cheap, and definitely counts as a cool thing you can do to your truck. You can see how low the prices for a kit are on Amazon (view tint kit prices).

Not only will it make your truck look meaner, but it also has a practical use as it can block out harmful ultraviolet sunlight rays.

I did this on my F150’s rear passenger windows to stop direct sunlight coming onto my kids when they were young babies.

5. Paint the Axels on a Lifted Truck

If you have a lifted pickup, one of the first things you see when you look at the front are the axels. You can make it look a whole load better with a can of gloss black spray paint which you might already own making it a free option,

I picked this idea up on the video below, so go take a look through that to see how it works.

6. Magnetic Phone Holders

Magnetic phone vent holders attach easily to your air vents at the front of the cab – I tend to use two of them as get better hold that way. You place the accompanying metal inserts into your phone case and it sticks straight to the air vents.

The magnetic strength is so strong that your phone will stay in place and won’t drop off when going over bumpy roads like traditional phone holders tend to do.

Take a look at the Spigen Kuel product which has insanely good online reviews, and is cheap too.

7. Blackout the Chrome

This one is completely down to personal preference, but I don’t like chrome and prefer how my truck looks when it’s all been blacked out.

Don’t paint the chrome though. Instead buy some cheap Plasti Dip as that provides a durable rubber coating that you can take off when you sell the truck or change your mind.

It’s great to use around the chrome lettering, badges, and wheels.

Here’s a video on how you do it.

8. Collapsible Leak Proof Trash Bin

I’m not the best when it comes to keeping my truck clean, and I’ve got a young son as well. When he’s sat in the back of the truck eating his snacks, it only takes a couple of days until the floor is covered in wrappers.

I use a small collapsible garbage bin that can hook over the seat headrest.

When my son’s in the back I swivel it around so it’s facing him, and when it’s just me in the truck I position it over the passenger seat so I can reach it easily.

9. OBD2 Splitter

This is a great cheap mod for your truck if you want to run multiple devices at the same time, without having to continually unplug and switch cables out.

It solves the problem of having two instruments needing to be plugged into your OBD2 port at the same time, with long enough cords that don’t get in the way under the dash.

You can typically pick a splitter up for around $10 dollars on Amazon. Check their website now for the latest prices.

10. AVS Rain Guards

For something that looks cool and can make your truck look more aggressive take a look at AVS rain guards. They don’t stick out, keep the rain out, and keeps the fresh air in. They also help to reduce interior wind noise.

AVS rain guards
AVS rain guards can help make your truck look cooler and way more badass.

They take next to no time to install and stick on using automotive grade adhesive, so no drilling or special hardware required.

You will need to purchase the right size to fit your particular truck, so head on over to Amazon again and select the right rain guard for you.

11. LED Lights

LED bulbs will completely transform the look of your truck! You might already have them installed in the truck as a factory install, but if you don’t spend a little money now!

You will get a much better cleaner and sleek look, plus they cost next to nothing to buy and can be fitted in just a few minutes.

As with my other recommendations for cool things you can do to your truck for free or cheap, you can also pick these up on Amazon, but make sure you buy the right type for your lighting set-up.

Handy Hint: Talking of LED lighting, I’ve put together a list of the best LED truck bed lighting kits including guidance on what you should buy for the best effect.

Looking for More Cool Things?

Every week I publish new ideas and hacks on the Truck Styler website which include hints and tips on how you can mod and customise your truck.

One of my more popular blog posts from the last few months has been my guide to making a truck look more aggressive. Go take a look at that now for further inspiration.

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